An exchange between eastern DRC and Casamance / Senegal 2nd part

Men and masculinities in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo
September 27, 2017
Challenges and Potential
September 27, 2017

An exchange between eastern DRC and Casamance / Senegal 2nd part

Preface: Exchanges and links between different regions of Africa, a necessity often neglected

Report of the visit of Mrs Muliri Kabekatyo, Coordinator of the Gender and Justice Program Maniema (HEAL Africa, Goma, DRC) to the CRSFPC / USOFORAL network (Senegal) in December 2010

As accomplices in the work of the Civil Service for Peace (SCP-ZFD) in different regions of Africa, we are particularly delighted by this process of exchange between two African organizations and the German support professionals who support them. EED and WFD, the two German organizations that support this with the support of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation (BMZ) have helped to make this meeting possible – beyond organizational and national affiliations.

Women in eastern DR Congo and Casamance in Senegal have much in common with situations of crisis, conflict and violence, but also with their extraordinary ability to refuse the role victims and become actors of their destiny. I have the great privilege of knowing the two regions and being able to follow for years how people, especially women, face adversity with great courage.

That USOFORAL and HEAL Africa meet, intersect and enrich each other is for us the beginning of a long common march between different communities and different groups of actors in Africa. We know that it is difficult to find ways to strengthen such processes, but we are convinced that they are essential. We encourage other organizers and actors to move beyond national and regional boundaries, clan and religious boundaries to broaden their perspective and reinforce each other. Please make these first lessons available to a wider audience.

Let’s move forward together…

Christiane Kayser
Accompaniment core SCP/EED
Berlin, september 2011

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