Accompaniment and capacity building

The strengthening of local organizations is based on the realization of peace work in five key dimensions: psychological, intellectual, cultural, economic and political.

On the psychological level, people in crisis and war zones are traumatized and affected in the depths of their being. The activities of the partners of SCP / EED reinforce the self-esteem, courage, willingness to take charge and want to change things among these local populations. They thus bring hope to the traumatized and increase their commitment to the search for peace. By relieving suffering, by providing appropriate health care, humanitarian activities integrated into the development of the community and in local cultures are the best psychological supports for populations in distress.

On the Intellectual level, the promoters of violence do not hesitate to use manipulation and denunciation, thus using the populations for their designs of destruction and promotion of violence. To reduce the scale and damage of manipulation and reduce the rumors that are killing, the SCP / EED partners work to increase the analytical capacity of the populations, to reinforce their knowledge, to facilitate the emergence of the critical spirit, to create spaces for reflection and analysis of the context.

On the cultural level, the contexts of violence are characterized by the destructuring of communities and the development of identities and individualisms that reinforce the fragmentation of society, a situation favorable to the escalation of brutality and devaluation of life. The SCP / EED partners work for greater respect and solidarity between people and communities sharing the same vital space, develop tools and spaces for communication between the actors in conflict, provide verifiable information, devise mechanisms for the creation and shared vision. They also work to overcome certain traditions conducive to domestic violence and encourage the development of new cultural and spiritual values ​​that promote social peace and commitment to social transformation. War and acute conflicts destroy the mechanisms of wealth production and place people in a situation of dependency.

In the economic domain, SCP / EED partners strengthen production capacity through access to microcredit, support for inputs, materials and promotion of small-scale agricultural and economic enterprises.

Politically, destabilized areas are plagued by irresponsible and power-hungry politicians who use and abuse their position to perpetrate violence and suffering for personal gain.