Paths to Peace
October 9, 2017
Our contribution to Peace: a mosaic of complementary actions
October 11, 2017

Advocacy for Change: Mobilizing for Peace

  1. Introduction
  2. Définition
  3. Trois approches de plaidoyer
  4. Quelques principes développés dans le travail en RDC
  5. Plaidoyer et pouvoir
  6. Pourquoi et en tant que qui s’engager dans

Le plaidoyer : l’expérience du Conseil des Eglises en Sierra Leone

  1. Points à vérifier
  2. Expériences et contraintes : exemples du réseau SCP/EED Grands Lacs
  3. Un casse-tête Nord-Sud : L’engagement pour les droits de la femme et les obstacles au plaidoyer efficace
  4. Les défis du plaidoyer
    • Comment identifier la question du plaidoyer et les leviers de changement ?
    • Comment circonscrire la problématique et les acteurs clé ?
    • Quels intérêts communs et conflictuels ?
    • Quels alliés ? Quels adversaires ?
    • Comment engager un dialogue revendicatif ?
    • Echéancier : Comment saisir les opportunités
  5. Quelques outils du plaidoyer
  6. Conclusion


For some time now advocacy has become a key word in the context of development and peace work. We decided not to remain at the level of the “fashion phenomenon”, but rather to draw together the lessons of the advocacy efforts of each other in the network “Civil Service for Peace / Brot für die Welt”. We present the essential ideas from this work and put at your disposal the elements and tools developed by us and other practitioners to enrich and make more effective your efforts and strategies in the field of advocacy.

The first step is obviously to define the advocacy. But in our context we have also been able to identify certain peculiarities of what is or should be advocacy:

  • Action against Injustice and Exclusion
  • Mobilization and Claim Action
  • Negotiation and Dialogue
  • Action of Actors and not Victims

We are approaching 2010, the economic crisis and climatic issues have allowed a greater awareness on the strong ties between all the countries of the globalized world. Through the Football World Cup in South Africa for once the spotlight focused on Africa will not focus only on wars and famines. It is also a good reason to seize every opportunity at the national and international levels to give a more real and promising image of this continent while highlighting the demands that are essential for sustainable change.

This change will take place only with and across African populations. The work of advocacy and peace therefore concerns not only a few activists and decision-makers in the South and North but also the millions of people directly affected by poverty, injustice, war and disaster. Let us try and play our part in this great concert.

Download the PDF file on this link

Flaubert Djateng, Christiane Kayser,Marie José Mavinga,
(Accompaniment core SCP/Brot für die Welt)
Bafoussam, Berlin, Kinshasa December 2009

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