An exchange between eastern DRC and Casamance / Senegal

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September 27, 2017
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September 28, 2017

An exchange between eastern DRC and Casamance / Senegal


From 15 to 22 November 2009, Mrs Seynabou Male Cissé of the Casamance visited HEAL Africa for a South-South exchange. She is the coordinator of the Regional Committee for Women’s Solidarity for Peace in Casamance CRSFPC / USOFORAL. She was accompanied by Julia Ziegler, WFD (World Service for Peace) support professional. The visit was supported by the Department of Evangelical Churches in Germany for Development (EED), while Ms. Ziegler’s visit was supported by the World Peace Service (WFD), all under the Civil Service for the Peace (SCP). EED and WFD are partners of the SCP, a German government program that works in cooperation with local NGOs in conflict and post-conflict situations (

USOFORAL fights for a lasting peace in Casamance and non-violent conflict management. The organization also supports integrative economic activities and strengthens women for organizational development and financial management (for example, by savings group). Usoforal seeks to create spaces for dialogue within the communities and through the school mediation component among students in the EMF and high schools. USOFORAL privileges the participatory approach that maximizes the targets’ accountability. Action research is the basis of planning through a special program, encouraging women to commit themselves to their access to land.

Ms Muliri Kabekatyo, Gender and Justice Program Coordinator Maniema of HEAL Africa was the focal point of the link established between USOFORAL and HEAL Africa. The program was organized by Desirée Zwanck, Gender Advisor and EED / SCP Support Professional at HEAL Africa. Stéphane Alimasi, personal assistant to the Program Manager at HEAL Africa, contributed logistical assistance that was essential to the success of the program. This report contains a general overview of the activities carried out during this visit as well as the detailed refunds of the two workshops. Its objective is to capitalize on the results of this pan-African exchange and to share them with the participants as well as the activists and professionals who were not able to attend directly against it.

Report of the visit by Ms. Seynabou Malé Cissé, Network Coordinator CRSFPC / USOFORAL (Senegal) to HEAL Africa (DRC) in November 2009

By Seynabou Male Cissé, Julia Ziegler et Desiree Zwanck

Download the PDF file on this link


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