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September 12, 2017
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September 27, 2017

Building peace: Peace work in Cameroon


As part of the Civil Service for Peace (SCP / ZFD) funded by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation (BMZ), AGEH and Brot für die Welt began in 2010 to support and support the efforts of their respective partners in Cameroon . The SCP network in Cameroon was launched in May 2011. A common vision for peace and stability in the country was drawn up by 35 representatives, women and men, from 18 Cameroonian civil society organizations and institutions. You can find this vision on page 1.

But why a peace work in a country that is not at war? What is the significance of the concept of working for peace? In this publication you will find some theoretical and concrete answers to this question and also examples of the rich and diverse work of each other for a more just and stable society.

For us peace is much more than the absence of war. And we are convinced that it must grow from within a society. The common strategic paper of AGEH and Brot für die Welt on their understanding of civil and non-violent work for peace from the Christian point of view was one of the bases of discussion in the workshop (see page 81). Working with young people who represent more than half of the population of Cameroon and feel themselves marginalized and deprived of the future, supporting the efforts of Cameroonian girls and women for a better future, as well as supporting communities to their self-promotion and full participation in national public debate are well entrenched in the SCP network.

Members of the network come from across the country, represent multiple religious and ethnic communities, and work for civic dialogue, gender equality, human rights, justice and peace. Discover the many facets of this work through our common brochure. Your reactions, criticisms and enrichments are welcome.

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