Context analysis: a strategic basis for social transformation

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September 27, 2017
125 years after the Berlin Conference: further cooperation is possible
September 27, 2017

Context analysis: a strategic basis for social transformation

  1. Entrée en scène
  2. Maty Ndiaye Sy Mapinduzi – Une introduction
  3. Martha Mamozai Le Credo de Martha Mamozai
  4. Flaubert Djateng et Christiane Kayser Les principes et défis de l’accompagnement stratégique multiculturel et multidimensionnel
  5. Christiane Kayser L’analyse de contexte comme élément-clé de la transformation sociale
  6. Michel Séguier L’analyse de contexte : source et ressourcement (Pourquoi et comment la pratiquer)
  7. Cosmas Cheka Analyse de Contexte pluraliste et subjective
  8. Christiane Kayser Quand le contexte s’impose…
  9. Ne pas oublier les acteurs essentiels – Les décideurs : la jeunesse africaine
  10. Marie José Mavinga Sortir de la logique de justification auprès des bailleurs pour travailler dans une logique de transformation sociale
  11. Jeanot Minla Mfou’ou L’accompagnement stratégique aboutit à des résultats qu’on ne peut pas connaître d’avance
  12. Flaubert Djateng L’accompagnement stratégique dans un contexte de changement. La recherche des outils de gestion du processus de décentralisation au Cameroun
  13. Jeanot Minla Mfou’ou La négociation pour l’accompagnement stratégique oblige à aller au-delà de la négociation des interventions classiques

Entering the scene

The adventure of Mapinduzi Unit began in late 2008. Mapinduzi is a Swahili word meaning “deep transformation”, “revolution” … We are a group of people, women and men, Africans and Europeans, who have worked for years with and for initiatives, organizations and movements in Africa. We have long dreamed of creating a space for reflection and creation around change in Africa. This space is meant to be mixed, free, productive, courageous and open to new ideas. At the same time he aspires to capitalize on diverse experiences and make them accessible to others. The group is not a structure but rather a free association of people wanting to exchange, share their experiences and above all make themselves useful.

Are associated and have contributed to date:

Cosmas Cheka, Cameroon Jean-Pierre Lindiro Kabirigi, DR Congo Flaubert Djateng, Cameroon Christiane Kayser, Luxembourg Maty Ndiaye Sy, Senegal Michel Séguier, France Martha Mamozai, Germany Mamadou Lamine Sonko, Senegal Marie José Mavinga, DR Congo Ousmane Sy, Mfou’ou, Cameroon Each of his people is involved in many fields and uses his experience.

 The articles in the “Cahiers du Mapinduzi” which appear in French and English are signed by the authors and are binding only. But without the organizations and initiatives with which we work on the ground in the different countries of Africa we would not have much to say. They must be seen in and behind these texts.

In all modesty, we want to contribute to the fact that in a rapidly changing and rapidly changing world, people in Africa become actors of change rather than remain helpless victims.

Instead of seeing and using Africa as a projection surface for myths, prejudices and generalities, we want to identify, strengthen, make legible and visible its strengths, its creativity and its mostly human potential. The decompartmentalisation and the crossbreeding are for us bases, principles of work and creation energizing. Geographical distances, cultural differences, and the vagaries of calendars are challenges that make the group’s work difficult, but at the same time they open doors and lead to unsuspected treasures.

This first “Cahier du Mapinduzi” allows us to present our objectives. We have focused this issue on “Context Analysis as a Tool for Social Transformation”. We also present initial elements on Strategic Support as we understand it. We thank the Zenü Network in Cameroon and EED in Germany for their material and logistical support.

Good reading and the adventure continues

Download the PDF file on this link

Christiane Kayser Flaubert Djateng June 2010

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