Future prospects for the CPS

Relations between members of the SCP network are consolidating and the work of building peace is better perceived by both sides. Work within the SCP is becoming more readable, sending a professional is no longer perceived as the goal of collaboration under this program, but as a means to promote a transformation of the living conditions of the populations for more peace. The network is taking shape, it is necessary to think about making it more operational, the following questions constitute axes for the future of the network and for a lasting and effective peace work:

  • How to strengthen the complementarity between SCP operators for more visibility of actions and more impact in the work of building peace at the national and sub-regional levels? There is also a need to strengthen synergies between the different networks working towards the same goal.
  • The monitoring and evaluation system must be able to trace the changes (effects and impacts) of our action and make them visible. These data are useful for improving the quality of our interventions, but also make it possible to account for the usefulness of our work.
  • There must be a link between local and national. How to act on decision-makers at national level? How can the voices of local peace workers be heard at the subregional and international levels? Many one-off actions by one or the other organization are perceived as “scattered”. The existence and functioning of the network offer the opportunity for collective projects, including national and international advocacy.
  • We see networking as a work of peace in itself. It would therefore be useful to have a meeting at the Congolese and subregional level to exchange experiences. This would enhance the benefits of each approach and examine complementarities. Who will take the initiative? As a result of the spread of our brochures, we received many requests for membership of the network and for accompanying Congolese and African structures working for peace but without peace professionals. How to work with other structures that are not SCP partners?