Heal Africa (Health, Education, Action, Leadership Development)

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September 27, 2017

Heal Africa (Health, Education, Action, Leadership Development)

Heal Africa (Health, Education, Action, Leadership Development) Avenue des Rond-Points Nº 111,
B.P : 319, Goma, Nord Kivu,
RDC pour le courrier national
B.P : 540 Gisenyi, Rwanda pour le courrier International
Tel : (243) 813674587 ; (243) 8085 92 603
Email : healafrica.lyn@gmail.com

HEAL Africa est une organisation chrétienne congolaise qui oeuvre pour améliorer les conditions de vie des populations. Avec au centre de son dispositif un hôpital, Heal Africa œuvre dans la formation des médecins et du personnel de santé, il exécute également de nombreux projets communautaires.

Choisir La Vie
(Choose Life)
An Inter-confessional network of committed men and women based in Goma. For the past 6 years they have trained many church and community leaders to respond with compassion to the challenge of HIV/AIDS.
Guéris Mon Peuple
(Heal My People)
A programme reaching out to women who have been victims of sexual violence in North Kivu and Maniema. A network of church based counsellors has been trained to identify and assist women who have been raped and tortured by rogue armies. They do initial counselling, family mediation, social and economic reintegration and refer patients who need surgery to HEAL Africa or local hospitals (when possible) for repair.
Mawe Hai
(Living Stones)
An agricultural development programme conducting research on improved seed varieties, seed multiplication, reforestation, small animal husbandry, demonstrating improved agricultural practices, and replicating these approaches at community level with the most vulnerable population.
Maternité à Moindre Risque
(Safer Motherhood)
Educating mid-wives and health centre staff on safe deliveries, family planning services, community-based programme to create self help groups of pregnant mothers and helping young under-aged women, often the victims of rape, give birth in safety.
Enfants Comme Nous
(Children Like Us)
This programme identifies children with disabilities, gets them to surgical care and assists their families with small grants to increase their income and keep their disabled child in school.
Soins Palliatifs à Domicile
(Home based Palliative Care)
Provides medical, spiritual and practical end of life care, coordinating 6 local NGOs. Prayer is also therapy. Families and persons living with AIDS are accompanied and connected in a variety of ways.
Ministère Spirituel
(Spiritual Ministry)
Every morning between 7 and 7:30 HEAL Africa staff meets for prayer, and every day a prayer team (representing all the faith communities) passes through the hospital to pray for the sick. Staff from this team train in the Biblical approaches to all outreach programme themes.

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