CPS Area of ​​Intervention

A clearly underlined danger lies in “xenophobic” behavior characterized by hostility against “non-native” people. Attitudes that divide populations, shatter resources and create a climate of tension conducive to the emergence of violence.

The SCP / EED – Great Lakes and Mano River Regions works at different levels: know-how, know-how, know-how, living together. The following actions constitute the program’s areas of intervention:

  • At the level of community and society
    • Accompany local structures,
    • To anayze togetherhat goes beyond us,
    • Capitalize and document,
    • At the organizational level,
    • Responsabilities of actors
    • Strengthen technical capacities,
    • Awareness (training, awareness)
  • Au niveau du réseautage et de la promotion des synergies
    • Denounce,
    • Lobbying,
    • Facilitating exchanges,
    • Developing synergies,
    • Networking,
    • Creating dialogue with the States (claims),
    • Giving a voice and enhancing the expression of populations.

The following questions are at the basis of the program’s work:

  • How to analyze and manage unspoken?
  • How to measure impacts?
  • How to work and interact in “truth”?
  • How can we question ourselves without losing our footing?
  • How to read the signs of the times, anticipate?