CPS networks: synergies and complementarities

The Civil Service for Peace does not aim to create a fixed network, but rather to strengthen professional and personal links for a better work and more visible impacts. In this spirit we also invited partners and support professionals supported by AGEH and Eirene in Germany.

The SCP network in the Mano River area has started similar reflections that will be capitalized thereafter. We are also considering complementarities and bridges between the various sub-regional networks. We also count among our privileged local partners, HEAL Africa in North Kivu and in Maniema, the CCEF (Center Congolais de l’Enfant et de la Famille) in Kinshasa, CRAFOD (Regional Center for Support and Training for Development ) in Bas Congo, The RIO (Network of Organizational Innovation) in South Kivu, CEFORMAD (Training Center in Management and Organizational Development) in Kinshasa. The SADRI (Regional Support Service for Integrated Development) in Katanga, among others.

The SCP / EED partners develop advocacy, lobbying and negotiation activities and enable the emergence of legitimate local governance bodies based on local resources. They work for the development of constructive counter-powers. These dimensions intersect and intertwine. The principle is that within this framework each partner organization progresses in its own areas of excellence and that the support professionals come to reinforce it in this work. The research / action work is an essential part of our approaches. The different networks of SCP partners serve to create mutual ties and reinforcements between these different parts of the chessboard.