Responsabilité et solidarité pour sauver des vies
Responsibility and solidarity to save lives
May 1, 2020
Cameroon: CPS Strengthens Partners’ Resilience For Peace Work Amidst COVID 19
November 14, 2020

Peacework in times of pandemic

Travail de paix en temps de pandémie

Travail de paix en temps de pandémie

Table of contents

Introduction – Page 7
by Christiane Kayser and Flaubert Djateng

The weight of life – Page 12
On the economy of human lives
by Achille Mbembe

Local ownership of peace processes in african countries
in times of Covid-19
– Page 27
by Tarila Marclint Ebiede

“‘Disease and disaster’ the clichéd view that ex-colonial powers
still have of Africa”
– Page 33
by Souleymane Bachir Diagne

Promoting community-led approaches against Covid-19 in slums and informal settlements across African urban-cities – Page 39
by Unyime Eyo

Long-term effects of Corona and what they mean for peacebuilding – Page 43
by Fabian Hanschen

Covid-19: The resilience of african people – Page 51
by Flaubert Djateng

Sierra Leone and Liberian partners and their experienceswith the pandemic – Page 55

Challenges and opportunities for conservation during the Covid-19-pandemic – Page 74
by Abdul K. Dumbuya & Sheku Kamara

Changing, adapting, sensitizing – Page 77
SLADEA’s commitment in times of Covid-19

The rumours concerning the coronavirus and their effects – Page 86
by Ben Ali Sei

The difficulty of providing information during a pandemic – Page 95
by Mohindo Kamundu

The response to Covid-19 and its impact on peace work – Page 98
by Me Christian K. Sondirya, Me Jacques N. Birikunzira and
Mr. Darcy M. Sikwaya

The situation and work of RIO during the pandemic – Page 109
by Murhega Mashanda

Covid-19 in a climate of inter-community conflict in South Kivu province, Democratic Republic of Congo – Page 122
by Innocent Nsengimana Kirayi

Covid-19 and Peace Journalism in Cameroon: A journey of many challenges – Page 136
by Rosaline Akah Obah

Peacemaking amid Covid-19 pandemic @Cameroon – Page 141
by Gustave Ebai

Covid-19: From decrepitude to a new life – Page 151
by Michel Fokou

Daily deeds and misdeeds of coronavirus – Page 166
How young people see it
by Igor Tchouateun and Jacqueline Mouna Saapong

Crisis Governance put to the test of the governance crisis – Page 173
by Arnaud Junior Tong

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