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September 27, 2017
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September 27, 2017

Regional Center for Development Support and Training

Since the provincial synod of the Church of Christ in the Congo in Bas-Congo committed itself alongside its state partner in the process of reducing poverty, the question of the “peace” of the inhabitants of Bas-Congo and that of “good governance” of its environment were ignored as part of the vital stakes. Since 2007, these two vital issues – peace and local governance – have been part of the ECC / Bas-Congo participation program coordinated by CRAFOD. The promotion of the culture of civil peace and good local governance is thus the component of the CRAFOD, which is responsible for designing, developing and managing activities that contribute to consolidating the achievements of the democratic process in R & D Congo

Within the framework of this component “promoting the culture of civil peace and good local governance”, CRAFOD carried out a series of activities during 2009, with the financial support of EED / SCP in favor of denominational leaders, landowners and members of civil societies having in common the language “KIKONGO” and customs and customs; the three peoples – inhabiting the geographical regions of Zaire and Uige in Angola, Bas Congo in DR Congo and POOL in the Republic of Congo – constitute the cultural space of the central Kongo.

In the following pages, we briefly described the objectives of each activity carried out, the methodological approaches and the results achieved as well as the effects that these results have produced. This document is only a summary of our achievements of 2009. Each activity was the subject of a detailed report produced by its actors who realized it. Thanks to the SCP funds channeled through EED / Africa I Department, we have carried out four activities which are presented in this summary document. It is :

  • 1°Coaching CBCO to resolve the leadership conflict;
  • 2° capacity building of a female CRAFOD executive on the observation of pluralist elections;
  • 3° the participation of three ECC / Bas-Congo cadres in the conference on civic education;
  • 4° the support of 12 Local Natural Resources Development Forums.
  • 5°the state of play in Angola and the Republic of Congo-Brazzaville on the causes and consequences of the question of the recent repressions of the Congolese of Angola and the Angolans on the two Congo.

 We also thank all actors – consultants and employees of CRAFOD – who, despite the constraints inherent in the late acquisition of funds and the slowness of the public administration in obtaining the “laissez-passer” ”, did not spare their expertise to achieve the maximum results expected.


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