Declaration of Zenü Network on the resurgence of Covid-19 escalation

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November 14, 2020
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Declaration of Zenü Network on the resurgence of Covid-19 escalation

Last year at this time, we were confined, scared and frightened by this faceless pandemic that threatened and still threatens the planet. Since then, we seem to have forgotten that there is danger lurking around us. However, the entire planet continues to face the effects of the pandemic, which is far from being under control.
Today in Cameroon, the rate of contamination has accelerated. Hospitals and spaces dedicated to the fight against this pandemic are full, no more beds, medical staff are overwhelmed. If nothing is done, the medical system will soon crash! In 2020, Zenü Network and its partners had decided to cancel the Cameroon Youth Forum, a forum that every year brings together 500 young people from all over Cameroon to mutually support each other, exchange on citizenship issues and learn about Cameroon and its history. Instead of the Forum, Zenü Network, CAMNAFAW and their partners organised a training of influencers, young people with the mission of influencing behavioural change and to get barrier measures against Covid-19 implemented. After five months of working in the 10 regions, and while the virus is far from being defeated, the situation is alarming:
– No systematic wearing of masks in public places (1 person in 10)
– Wearing a mask under the chin for those who have one.
– Sometimes, no hand washing, even when the material is available
– Greetings and hugs regardless of the risk of being contaminated
– Failure to respect social distancing during gatherings (funerals, weddings, birthdays,
markets, etc.).
– Multiplication of events bringing together more than 50 people without respect for barrier
measures (seminars, conferences, concerts, etc.).
– Public transport and crowded areas without distanciation (bus stations, buses, taxis, etc.)
It is time to wake up!
We urgently need to pull ourselves together quickly and take steps to protect ourselves and
others. Measures must be taken to limit the risks. Responsibility is individual and collective.
Everyone must behave responsibly and society as a whole must ensure that the contamination curve is reduced and reversed. It is a matter of life and death!

Let’s be responsible and show solidarity!
On behalf of Zenü Network
Flaubert DJATENG

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